Welcome to Bird’s

The Bird’s brand is best known for its original homemade custard powder, invented by Alfred Bird in 1837 and still loved by generations today. Yet the range of instant desserts stretches wider, with semolina, Dream Topping and a seasonal range of trifles and Christmas sauces too.

Our Range

  • Custard powder and instant Image Custard powder and instant

    Bird's custard powder brings you custard just the way you like it and there's no feeling quite like making your own.

  • Dream Topping Image Dream Topping

    Bird's Dream Topping is a great standby to have in the cupboard. It stays firm after whipping unlike cream and has hundreds of uses from trifle topping to simply serving with fruit.

  • Seasonal Trifle and Rum and Brandy Sauces Image Seasonal Trifle and Rum and Brandy Sauces

    Rum and Brandy sauces are essential extras for the Festive dinner table, but you don't have to wait a year to get stuck into the trifle. Available in Strawberry and Raspberry, these little packets have all you need to create your very own trifle whenever you fancy it.

Great Little Ideas

for the Bird's range

  • Zesty orange custard Zesty orange custard recipe

    Add a little orange zest for a lovely orange Bird's Custard and it goes really well with a chocolate pudding.

  • Custard fairy cakes Custard fairy cakes recipe

    Make a slightly thicker Bird's Custard, using less milk, and spoon on top of fairy cakes instead of butter icing for fabulous fairy cakes. Pop some jam underneath for a tasty surprise.

  • Custardy pancakes Custardy pancakes recipe

    Add a spoonful of Bird's Custard Powder to pancake mix to give pancakes a delicious creamy custard flavour.